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Uchiha Prodigy -- a community dedicated to Uchiha Itachi

let your conscience bleed across the shattered image of your broken past

Uchiha Prodigy, an Uchiha Itachi community
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An Uchiha Itachi community

Welcome to Uchiha Prodigy, an Uchiha Itachi community. Anyone with an interest in Itachi is encouraged to join, and all posts on Uchiha Itachi are welcome, be they discussion, fanart, fanfiction, icons, graphics -- anything. But please read the rules before posting.

This community is open to various themes, genres, and pairings -- some of which may bother a few people. In respect for others, please clearly mark your posts. And carefully watch the road signs along your journey here, lest you make a wrong turn into somewhere you find unpleasant -- as many things are, on the path of a murderer.

There are many things yet to come, and various other things are underway and on the way. Suggestions are always appreciated as we continue construction.

Enjoy your stay.
[Last updated: 07 November 2007]

Table of Contents


Cool Stuff: Community Resources
About Uchiha Itachi

Introductory Posts
Community Information and mini-FAQ

Other Links

[1] Stay on topic. All posts should be at least somewhat relevant to the character Itachi. (See below for advertising.)

[2] Respect each other. We have different opinions and preferences, so please don't trash someone else's for being different. Don't bash or flame. Keep criticisms constructive. And when you don't like a topic, you're free to scroll past it.

[3] Use LJ-cuts for long posts, for large or multiple images, for spoilers (anything that hasn't appeared in the anime yet), for adult content, and for anything that might squick someone else. Clearly mark the cuts, especially for warnings.

Violating these rules
may result in a deleted comment or post, a warning, or a ban.

Cool Stuff: Community Resources
Because everyone likes cool stuff, here's some:

Itachi section at Crimson Shade - Mmm, website...

The Uchiha Prodigy Image Resource Gallery
Filled with nearly 500 anime screenshots alone, plus manga scans, databook entries, and various merchandise (posters, cards, etc).
It's the largest Itachi gallery out there (that I know of).
Official images only.

Fanfic Rec List - Coming soon! eventually!
Fanart Rec List - Coming soon! eventually!
Itachi's Stats - Listed below, but more in-depth information coming soon! eventually!
Graphics - Banners, colorbars, screencaps, oh my!

Tags - Browse the community tags to find various entries that have been posted here, such as: icons, fanfiction, and fanart.
For an explanation how to tag your own entries, go here.

Uchiha Itachi
Name:うちはイタチ, Uchiha Itachi (American order Itachi Uchiha)

Age: 21
Date of Birth: June 9th
Height: 175.2 cm (about 5'9") (as of age 18)
Weight: 57.1 kg (about 126lbs) (as of age 18)
Blood type: AB
Personality: Smart and cold
Specialty Jutsu: Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Mangekyou Sharingan, fire jutsu
Akatsuki ring: 朱, Shu (red, scarlet, vermillion, cinnabar, bloody)

Akatsuki partner: Hoshigaki Kisame
Ninja Village: Hidden Leaf Village, Fire Country
Registration number: 012110
Genin at age:7
Mastered the Sharingan by age:8
Chuunin at age:10
ANBU Captain by age:13
First Manga Appearance: chapter 139
First Anime Appearance: episode 80
Family: Uchiha Sasuke (little brother, last living relative), Uchiha Mikoto (mother, deceased), Uchiha Fugaku (father, deceased), Uchiha Shisui (deceased), Uchiha Obito (deceased), Uchiha Inabi (deceased), Uchiha Tekka (deceased), Uchiha Teyaki (deceased), Uchiha Yashiro (deceased), Uchiha Uruchi (deceased)

Introductory Posts
Introductory posts are allowed -- with conditions. Instead of those simple "hi I've just joined" sort of posts, you must share something Itachi-related so it's not just an introductory post.

Contribute to the fandom, tell us what you've done/seen in it: you can post your old icons, link to your fanfiction, share colorbars or other graphics, fanart, recommendations, start a discussion -- anything, as long as it's something about Itachi.

Below is a sample introductory post form, but it isn't in any way mandatory.

Means of arrival: (How did you find this community?)
Your "Itachi" inspiration: (Does any music remind you of Itachi? Does any fanfic or art get you "in the zone" for drawing, graphic'ing, or writing of him?)
<lj-cut text="More...">
About you: (Interesting or unique or weird or relatively dull, whatever. Talk about yourself and what you like -- particularly about Itachi.)
About Itachi: (Talk about Itachi: thoughts, feelings, predictions, etc.)
Cool stuff: (Links to your Itachi-related fanfiction, a drabble, posting icons, colorbars, other graphics, fanart, essays, AMVs, recommendations, etc.)

You can copy and paste the application from the textbox above.
Remember that your answers go outside the bold tags.
Community Information and mini-FAQ
Where can I find...?
Check the memories, tags, the community stuff listed above and the links listed below; there's also the i_ta_chi tag archive of even older posts at the closed Itachi community.
Failing that, feel free to post in the community and ask for what you're looking for.

I have a suggestion for the community...
And I'd love to hear it! You may comment on this post with suggestions, or just about anything else.

How do I contact the maintainer?
Commenting on this post or this one or e-mailing me (listed at the top of this page) are effective ways which I prefer.
AIM (fair arienette) is another good way, though I won't always be able to talk.

May I advertise my community/website/whatever here?
As long as it's about or pertinent to Itachi, yes.
That doesn't mean you can post a whole advertisement about something completely off-topic and then add a hint of Itachi. Consider modifying your ad to be Itachi-centric, or only include the Itachi portion with a link to the full general ad elsewhere, or make clear why you're specifically targetting Itachi fans (that we're cool is not good enough).
Ad banners shouldn't exceed 450px in width and should have Itachi somewhere on them; otherwise keep it beneath an LJ-cut.

Layout and Profile Credits
The layout and profile were both designed and coded by Kylara in Photoshop 7.0, notepad, LiveJournal's S2 interface, using images from the series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, texture from Leomo at Through the Rain (no longer available?), with fonts Distress and Another.

Naruto, Uchiha Itachi, and all related characters are copyrighted by Masashi Kishimoto and Shueisha Inc. The content created and displayed in this community is owned by the respective creators, and are not associated with Masashi Kishimoto or Shueisha Inc. No copyright infringement is intended.



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To become an affiliate, please make a request post here.

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